Monday, April 19, 2010

If They Only Would Be A Christian ...

Some thoughts early in the morning … have you ever met a person or been friends with someone that every night would leave you praying that if they could just be a Christian, that would be it. they’re such a good person! They’re nicer than my Christian friends! (etc. etc.) I have more than a couple friends of mine that are closer to being like Christ than people in my church that claim to have an “intimate” relationship with Him yet are unable to back it up with their words and actions. and occasionally that leaves me thinking, if they would just believe….

Why is it that this frustrates me so? That i believe that they are “depraved” and yet those that claim to be seeking after God are further away than those that have no care for Him at all? I must apologize, this is a difficult topic for me to convey in mere type, but do any of you get what I’m saying? I feel ashamed to say it, but there are times when I come across a non-Christian who shows Christlike character and I think “They are more deserving of God’s saving grace than I am!” Anyone relate to this?


Jojo said...

I can fully relate to it thundercatt99. There are those who claim to be "christians" but only outwardly. Our role is to show to the world thru our actions and words that we are christians inwardly and, hopefully, outnumber them.

I also know of people who are not "religious" but shows Christ-like character. I think God put placed them in our midst so that we will no longer have any excuse for not witnessing to them.

Creation Chick said...

yes I relate soooo much! I have soo many atheist friends that I can barely bring myself to speak to anymore because I have been over and over it with them about God ... and they just will not believe and I can't bare the the thought that they are going to Hell ... It's even hard for me to make new friends with people who are not Christians for this very reason! I relate so much to this!

One thing I realize when talking to wonderfully kind and loving people who are not Christians is ... that ALL PEOPLE are created by God and have that DIVINE SPARK ... It's like whether or not they admit it .. God is already in their life in some ways ... even before they accept Him and believe in Him ... but if they don't believe, then yes ... it is a terrible tragedy.