Friday, May 20, 2011

Road Trip: Fort Rock 2011

Last month I went on my first adventure of the spring trying to outrun the rainstorms to the Oregon Outback, destination Fort Rock. My first stop was to the Fort Rock Homestead Village Museum.

Above and below is St. Roses Catholic Church, which was the only church built in the Fort Rock Valley during the homestead years. Here it is in all its glory over 100 years later. I was real excited over the fact that I actually got to go inside the museum since I usually get here and its closed. It is a must see if you get the chance!

Above is Fort Rock rising out of the barren, immense flatness of Oregon's high desert. The first photo in this blog entry is the view from inside the rock formation.

A trip for me out here has to include a visit to the sand dunes. The Isuzu did get to frolic for it bit before it was time to go home. And yes, the rain did catch up to me!

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