Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking For Chiloquin

My son Shay is in a town over the mountains, Grants Pass, and he wanted a picture or two to show his friends there his hometown. So today I had time and went rambling through our hills to get the perfect shot.

Shay ... As you can see from the picture above I got sidetracked yet again. I went down a positively nasty rutted out road and ended up at another section of Modoc Rim. Here is Klamath Lake Looking Klamath Falls way.

To try to make up for it, here is a shot from the 4th of July parade.

Ok ... I did make it to the power lines on the other side of the river, an area I'm sure you are used to. Its the best I could do. I was to tuckered out from hiking the cliffs on Modoc Rim with Charlie dog. Perhaps I'll get the perfect shot next time ok? lol

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