Thursday, November 24, 2011

From a Distance to Bliss

I was up in the early hours of the morning a night or two ago and came across, in my more or less random surfing on the Internet, a pair of poems that totally moved me. Here is the first one whose author I wish I knew the name of to credit it ...

I’ve loved you for too long now
Do you know what you mean to me?
Do you know that my heart bleeds for you?
I need you to know now more than before
You may never know how I feel
Never give me a second glance
But what I need
Is to tell you I’m here for you
We are far apart
Too far away from you
You should know tonight
Know right now
That I want to be there with you
                 ~Author Anonymous

Who knows but the author of course, what the situation was. But I know that there are times when enough is enough and the truth, this feeling of heartbreak and emotion, just must come out. One would hope that for whom this poem was intended received it. Who wouldn't want to have been given it! And you just never know ....
This next poem was found on an Arabic site ...

if i were the earth that envelops your form,
if i were the fire that kept you through winter warm,
if i were the cloud that gave you shade from the sun,
if i were the spring from which you washed for the One,
if i were the turban that your blessed hands had spun,
if i were the sandals that protected your feet,
my whole soul would sing and my bliss would be complete.
             ~Shaykh Muhammad

This kind of love is just beautiful isn't it!

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