Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Astonishing Sonnet

Its so hard to choose a very first post! lol After considerable pondering let me share this poem ….

An Astonishing Sonnet

A million years ago I was a thought;a kind of dream of One who is, was, shall.

A million years from now I’ll have been wroughtperfectly in His lovely cathedral.

Is there a doubt His will shall not be done?

It is accomplished even now.

How looksat me in backward glance when time has runit’s course.

My joy ’s already in His books.

He knew me before my birth, and knew the place

He’d put me and extract me from.

My shame is when I lose the thread of His warm grace and falter,

wounded in my thoughts,

and lame.

A million years ago I was a shall;

destined to be a living cathedral.

~John Mark Butterworth

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