Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some thoughts this Thanksgiving …

Some thoughts this Thanksgiving ... It’s the only holiday we've got left that doesn't involve wrapping paper, greeting cards, novelty songs, or heavily discounted automobiles। And Thanksgiving itself somehow retains its traditional low-key charm. It’s a holiday where the only thing you give is thanks!I mean, let’s face it. Thanksgiving doesn't have the flash and fun of Christmas. There are no colored lights to string or gifts given or received. It doesn't have the high sugar quotient of Valentine’s Day or Easter or Halloween, and Halloween has the added bonus of being able to dress up in costume. Even the Fourth of July has the warmth of Summer going for it, while Thanksgiving falls right in the midst of some of the coldest, bleakest days of November. However ... It is a time for seeing and visiting with friends and family, including some that you may not see but once per year. To balance the one or two that you would just as soon not see at all, there is always that favorite uncle or nutty cousin or old Mrs. What’s-Her-Name from one block over, the one who brings a plate of the most scrumptious fudge you have ever eaten. Family and friends…most definitely one of the reasons Thanksgiving is special. How can I not give thanks and count my blessings when I have so very much I have been blessed with?

I think Thanksgiving just became my new favorite holiday.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I like Thanksgiving BECAUSE it doesn't involve sending cards, giving presents or the awful summer heat (we live in the SE). :o) Plus, it's strickly American and it's family / friends oriented.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! ♥ ∞