Thursday, December 24, 2009

Here are some unusual Christmas trees submitted for your approval!

This one from is considered one of the Most Expensive Christmas Trees. This one, in Singapore, featured 21,798 diamonds, 3,762 crystal beads, and 456 lights, for a cost of over a million dollars! Good grief!

You can view a slide-show of interesting Christmas tree concepts at the Kunstmagazin website including this Christmas army:

For those with a real sweet tooth ... This Weihnachtsbaum is made out of sugar cubes:

For those going green this year ... Go to to view unusual trees including the Plywood Eco Christmas Tree, the Shelf Christmas Tree, and the Empty Bottles Christmas Trees.

This french fry tree is decorated the European way–with ketchup and mayo! A true kid favorite! Via the Art Das Kunstmagazin website.

A now for my personal favorite ... The brussel Sprout tree! Now this is really cool! Proudly presented from the SeriousEats website:

Have a most blessed Christmas everyone!!!

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Luchi Smiles said...

I hope you had a wonderful christmas celebration, I love chocolates, so the christmas army is my favourite.