Saturday, August 1, 2009

Road Trip: Spring Creek/Winema National Forest

Time for yet another beat the heat mini road trip, this time with my son Shay. We drove around awhile before deciding on trying this place out about 7 miles from home! The campground has five campsites & a picnic area on the headwaters of Spring Creek. Unfortunately the campground itself is in disrepair due to 'thinning' of tress, but a short jaunt outside the place gave us a primo spot right on the creek.

Spring Creek is an underground river that rises to the surface here. Oux-Kanee, the nearby overlook offers a view of the headwaters of Spring Creek & a sign to help you identify landmarks. On most days you can see raptors soaring just below the cliff!

Sunset from our camping spot.

Wildflowers abound here at this time of year growing on the logs in the water and on the shoreline.

Camping can't be camping without a campfire right? This was our view of the creek right before cooking up some vittles! Methinks we found yet another "secret site"!

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