Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sets of sheep

Just wanted to share with you these three verses, which I imagine most of us have heard bunches of times...

"Let me ask you this. What would you do if you had a hundred sheep and one of them wandered off? Wouldn't you leave the ninety-nine on the hillside and go look for the one that had wandered away? I am sure that finding it would make you happier than leaving the ninety-nine that never wandered off. That's how it is with your Father in heaven. He doesn't want any of these little ones to be lost.-Matthew 18:12-14 CEV

I've taken this to mean we are all precious in His sight. But here is an interesting take I heard recently that shown some new light on the verses for me. If a person ever collects a set of anything, be it postage stamps, baseball cards, Burger King "Lord of the Rings" figures or whatever, its the last one that really matters. The one which completes the set is "THE ONE"! Without it, the collection is flawed. An interesting take huh? He loves each one of us so, that with any one of us missing, the collection is flawed... Have a great day!

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