Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Royality Quiz

Here's an online quiz I found ... Royalty Quiz ...

Click here: Nishi's A Dream I Dream Royalty Quiz My answer .


You are a King!
Strong, Wise, Noble, Compassionate.
A Born Leader!

You are the epitome of what every man should be. What sets you apart from the other men of rank and nobility is you combine every best quality they possess into one. You are skilled, motivated, ambitious, filled with a sense of purpose and morality. You know when to relax and have fun and when to be serious and courageous. You seek peace, prosperity and love in your life, and as a ruler, you seek it for your kingdom. Others follow you because of your ability to move them, and because you earned their respect. You are admired, even envied, but above all else, greatly loved.

Why of course!

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