Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 3: Chiloquin Backroads

A storm was to be coming in the evening so off we went a little bit earlier and sticking close to home. First off was a stop off was a stop along the Sprague River near the local "swimming hole" which is pictured above.

Ah yes, my kind of roads pictured above. A generic woodsy shot! lol

Eventually we made it by an extremely strange route, trying to get lost, to something on the map named "Lobert Draw," which is in the next two shots, I tried to go further, but a massive mud puddle blocked the way. I wanted so bad to charge the Zuzu through it, but decided against it after pondering for twenty minutes. The heart attack was only a couple of years ago and a long walk out wasn't yet in the cards! Maybe next time ....

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