Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 4: Telephone Flat

Yesterdays Spring rain came and went last night, but the wind was up a notch today. I packed up Charlie the hound and we went to a favorite spot, Telephone flat. Why it is called Telephone flat is a mystery to me as there is not a pole in sight! In fact my cell phone couldn't get reception up there!

The three pictures above is of the flat which is covered in wildflowers this time of year, and luckily no mosquitoes! The lower photo is of the tree Charlie and I took a break under after some serious stomping around in the creek and through the meadow and woods.

The last photo is of what my older kids and I called "frog pond", which as you can see is flooded. For some reason very large bullfrogs live in this area on top of a mountain, so a return visit is in order later on.

The adventure continues ....

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