Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 6: Modoc Rim

The adventure this time was to take a rutted out dirt road through woods and meadows to Modoc Rim which overlooks Klamath Lake on the East high above Highway 97. I could see someone went ahead of me and they got stuck in the mud twice. The second time they were stuck so bad I decided to park the Zuzu and walk the rest of the way about a mile or so. When I finally got there, lo and behold I saw a mud caked Marty the mailman and a friend! Naturally we all wondered why each of us were up there in that extremely remote area! It goes to show that you just never know who you might meet and where!

The picture above is the view from the Rim looking southwest towards Modoc Point. The one below was shot looking directly west at Mt. McLoughlin and the Oregon Cascades.

Which way to go? These decisions come up all the time out here, although this time the decision was made for me soon, as the road to the right led directly into an springtime swamp. Tomorrow I think I'll take an easier trip ... However, that "Whats down that road?" question constantly comes up ...

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