Monday, December 22, 2008

Abba's Love

I don't share that many devotionals but I really liked this one.


Reflections For Ragamuffins - A Daily Devotional

by Brennan Manning Copyright © 1998 by Brennan Manning

ABBA'S LOVE - Sunday, February 8th

The prayer for the poor in spirit can simply be a

single word: Abba. Yet that word can signify dynamic

interaction. Imagine a boy trying to help his father with some

household work or making his mother a gift. The help may be

nothing more than getting in the way, and the gift may be

totally useless, but the love behind it is simple and pure, and

the loving response it evokes is virtually uncontrollable. I am

sure it is this way between our Abba and us. At the deepest,

simplest levels, we just want each other to be happy, to be

pleased. Our sincere desire counts far more than any specific

success or failure. Thus when we try and pray and cannot,

or when we fail in a sincere attempt to be compassionate,

God touches us tenderly in return ...

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