Sunday, December 7, 2008

There will be tail-wagging in heaven!

It is certainly very interesting to see how the Bible actually differs so much across languages, the Bible is a living document which needs to be seen to be relevant to everyone who reads or hears it. Here is an example I came across which may give you a chuckle ...

Happy translation

Sir - Some linguists were translating the Bible into a local African language (Letters, March 28). They had difficulty in finding a pure word for joy. The tribal words used had connotations which were not acceptable.

As they were debating what would be a suitable word a dog came into the room belonging to one of the missionaries, wagging his tail vigorously.

"What word would you use for the joy that dog has having found his master?", the missionaries asked. They were offered a word and the final text was translated: "There will be tail-wagging in heaven over one sinner that repents!"

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