Thursday, January 8, 2009

American Church Style

I don't think that one could never accuse American Churches of having overwhelmingly good architectural style. Our European friends have us beat hands-down in that category, as can be seen in this photo of a breathtaking church in Iceland.

I will confess that viewing pictures of the magnificent churches and cathedrals of Europe sometimes make me wonder uncomfortably about the wealth that went into their creation. But gotta be something to be said about gathering to worship in a place of such stunning architectural beauty and I find myself wishing that a stronger aesthetic streak ran in American circles.

I may have noted this link before, but it seems relevant here:

Some of these new churches are striking, but they seem less about spirituality and more about showmanship. I will not deny those are impressive structures, but why do they all have to look so much like airport terminals? lol

Have a blessed day everyone!


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Tracy said...

I'm blessed to have been able to visit St. Paul's Cathedral in London and it was truly amazing and awe inspiring. It is difficult to imagine the work that went into churches like this, particularly considering that most of them were built centuries ago. I hope that what most of our churches lack in architecture, we make up for in substance and Spirit. Good post, thanks!