Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Book of the Bible are you?

We had this quiz before in some distant past, but this is the new 3 question version. I'm hoping I'm not getting Romans again this time. lol

Click here: Quiz - What Book of the Bible Are You? - bible inspirational religious - Quizilla Quizzes

My result:

You are the book of Romans. Zealous in your beliefs, you aren't ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! You are viewed by others as the take-charge type, and inclined to being a bit bossy sometimes, but they admire your leadership qualities!

Drats! I was hoping for something like Psalms, or maybe even dramatic like Revelations! But alas ... Romans again ...

1 comment:

JC Lamont said...

I came up as Song of Solomon, which is really cool, cuz the little blurb about why is really true about me. Awesome quiz -- thanks for sharing.