Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lord, Make me more like my dog!

I'm not all that big of a dog man really, but I've been finding doggie things all over the place of late. Maybe God is telling me something ... hmmmmmm

Anyways, had to share this one.


Wagging his tail and waving his paws

With squeaky ball held in his jaws

With no thought of what's gone before

My puppy greets me at the door.

As I get home from night shift job

I'm bothered by this little slob

Who steals my socks and eats my shoes

Ignoring all his rawhide chews.

Yet for all the scolding, training,

Short nights sleep and entertaining

And all the trouble he gets in

he doesn't care, it's not a sin!

As many times as I've scolded him

Or smacked his behind for being dim

The puppy loves me anyway

He doesn't care, he's here to stay.

Someday I hope to be worthy you see,

Of the faith that my dog has in me.

I wonder sometimes if I were him

Would I be a good puppy?

Sometimes I think that God gave us dogs

As a lesson in attitude, because they're always there

We people can be crabby, ungrateful, or rude

But if you have a dog, odds are he doesn't care.

Some days I wonder, when I'm bored

If Jesus did walk through my door

Would I take the time to notice during my busy day?

I know my dog would, He'd probably wanna play.

Lord I ask with this humble prayer

As I watch my Schnauzer sleep on the chair

With all the faith that the world is right

Now that I'm home from working tonight

Lord, Make me more like my dog

More loyal, more loving, more fun to be

More accepting of neighbors, whoever they be.

More willing to forgive, have faith, be free.

I think there's a reason that "Dog" is "God" spelled backwards, you see.

~The Ever Present Author Unknown

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