Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Road Trip: Through The Sage To Harris Springs, California!

It was time for one of those mini camping road trips as snow is to fly soon! This time it was just me and Charlie dog going out and about to see whats out there. We were going to Martins dairy campground but hunting season has opened up in the Klamath National forest so we decided to veer east. And am I glad we did! Harris Spring is a great out of the way primitive campground located in the Shasta Trinity National Forest, and we had it to ourselves! This campground is centrally located by Burney Falls, Lava Beds National Monument and the Medicine Lake Highlands. The Medicine Lake Shield Volcano, about 10 miles south of Lava Beds National Monument, is one of North America’s most unusual geological features. At about 20 miles in diameter, it is the largest volcano in California. Its gently sloping profile hides the fact that, in mass, it is larger than nearby Mount Shasta. This sprawling area northeast of California Highway 89 contains extensive lava flows, cinder cones, pumice deposits, and lava tubes. It would take weeks to explore all of this, but alas, we only had a day so off we went …

Off we went through Butte Valley, California painted yellow with sagebrush. I love going out with the camera on these changing weather days as one doesn’t really know what to expect. Yep … we did get some rain!

I didn't get this! What on earth was this pink house in the middle of nowhere??? Back in the day I'm sure it was mighty fine! But Pink??? lol

Made it to our campsite near Harris Spring Fire Guardstation. This historic Forest Service Guard Station is located in a open meadow surrounded by forest in the northeast portion of the McCloud Ranger District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The guard station and garage were built in 1929 or 1930 and retain their Craftsmen style character which was a popular building style in the 1920 and 1930’s. Both buildings retain many of their original features including shiplap siding, tongue and groove interior walls, and wood sash windows. You can rent this place to stay, but at $500 a week I think I’ll pass …

On our way back home we went through the Medicine Lake Highlands. Here is Little Glass Mountain which is an obsideon flow. Its amazing trees can grow in this stuff!

We also went by for a little break at Little Medicine Lake. The fish were jumping and I didn’t bring a fishing pole. Sheesh!
I’ll be heading back this way again next year … This time with family and friends!

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