Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road Trip: Paulina Lake

It was hot and smokey here in Chiloquin, so my son Shay and I loaded up the car and headed out on another road trip! In Central Oregon, a little southeast of Bend, is a little known treasure called Newberry Crater. At some point in prehistory, the top of the mountain collapsed in on itself, leaving a large depression. Within this depression two lakes have formed, East Lake and Paulina Lake. And here is where we ended up ...

Paulina Creek Falls is located just west of Paulina Lake outside Newberry Crater. This double falls drops 60 feet onto the jumble of rocks below. The jumble of rocks is the result of the falls slowly eroding their way upstream. ( I imagine that eventually it'll work its way upstream to Paulina Lake, then its bye bye lake. lol) The upper viewpoint overlooks the falls from the south side of the creek. The lower viewpoint is accessed via a quarter mile trail down to the creek below the falls.
Here is Paulina Peak being reflected in Paulina Lake.

We checked out East Lake to see if we wanted to camp there, but alas, no dogs allowed on the beach and it just wouldn't be right tying up Charlie Dog.

Shay showing off his mushroom hat!

It was an excellent adventure to get away from the smoke and there is still a lot more to explore here for sure!

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Hope_princess said...

Wow, what a wonderful place to just get away from the smoke. Don't blame you at all for escaping to Paulina Lake. Awesome pictures, too; love the one with Shay.