Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Pirate Ten Commandments

This one is a bit unusual ... The Pirate Ten Commandments

1. Avast on all other gods, an' avast on them graven images too.

2. Don't be usin' My name unless ye mean it, or I'll 'ave ye walk the plank.

3. Remember who provides yer swag and booty and show yer gratitude every week.

4. Don't be disrespecting yer Mum and Da, ye mutinous whelps.

5. Avast on killin', ye scurvy knaves.

6. Stow yer oar where it belongs, if ye get my meanin'.

7. Keep yer grubby mitts off of swag that ain't yers.

8. Tell the truth or I'll 'ave ye keelhauled.

9. Don't be wantin' to moor to someone else's berth.

10. Don't be wantin' someone else's lad or wench or booty.

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