Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Christian Fairy Tale?

Something I posted at my Christian singles group "savedsinglesgetaway" ...

Its come up a lot and I've seen in devotions, singles advice lists and a host of other places. Its about waiting for "God's best" for you as a mate. There seems to me anyway, a connotation that this person is going to be perfectly suited for you, meet a whole list of qualifications ect. But I have to wonder if while waiting for this perfect mate, or "God's best" for us, we are somehow are missing out on God's choice for us?

This person God has in mind is going to be flawed like we are, and have freewill like we do. Gods best is going to be a sinner as we are. They are going to have "baggage," maybe emotional hang-ups of one kind or another, and a host of other things "wrong." Could it be that God's choice for us won't really look like what we envision? Maybe this person is going to challenge us in ways we don't want to be challenged, or dealing with things we don't really feel like dealing with. After all God's ways are higher than our own. Maybe God's best is going to have weaknesses where you have strengths and vice versa, and in the relationship you both are going to be more Christ like and better for it. Some of the things I read, maybe a lot of what I read, sounds like a Christian fairy tale where the prince comes, marries the fair maiden and lives happily everaftermore. Maybe God's best is something else which involves overcoming human limitations and being a whole lot better for it.

Just some thoughts...

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