Sunday, July 5, 2009

Which One of Jesus' 12 Disciples Are You?

One of those quizzes I just had to try out!

Click here: Quiz Farm - Which One of Jesus' 12 Disciples Are You?

My result: You scored as James the Lesser. James is the brother of Jude (the good Judas) and the half-brother or cousin of Jesus. He authored the very practical Bible book of James. The book of James has many references to the power of what we say. The potential harm it could do, but also the good it can do.

James the Lesser 75%

Thomas 67%

Matthew 67%

Philip 67%

John the Apostle 58%

Simon the Zealot 58%

Peter (Simon Peter) 50%

James the Greater 50%

Andrew 42%

Thaddeus (Jude, aka the good Judas) 33%

Bartholomew 25%

Judas Iscariot 25%

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