Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip: Fourmile Lake

Ah yes finally feeling frisky enough for my first camping trip since my heart attack May First!! Only a overnighter mind you but pretty darn exciting to me! My son unexpectedly met me at my physical therapy and came along too. (I did neglect to tell my therapest my plans ... wasn't to sure it was approved yet! lol)

Our destination was Fourmile Lake, a favorite spot of ours near the Shy Lakes Wilderness here in Oregon. But first in the photo above is a stop at a pond nearby our destination.

The next morning (While Ben was sleeping of course!) I had to take a journey into the Shy Lakes Wilderness. Not far mind you, but a two mile round trip, but by myself ... and quite an accomplishment for me at this point!

A meadow near our camping spot. I would highly recommend this campground and area for a vist if one is in the Southern Oregon area, as the trails are relatively easy ... And the views absolutely beautiful!!!

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