Sunday, July 19, 2009

humble doormat?

Good morning. I'm trying to figure out the "humbling yourself" thing, especially from Philippians 2. The chapter in large part has to do with disunity that was threatening the church. What does it really mean to humble yourself? What "rights" does a person really have as an individual? What's really the difference between being humble and being a doormat?

What complicates this for me is that what one person considers being a doormat, may not be the same for another. Also what of a person with a lack of humility who tries to convince another who believes they are being humble that they are really being a doormat?

An example: I have a friend who has held on to many past hurts. (And these hurts would color ones attitude to certain behavior.) She was like shocked that I would be willing to forgive some people who had offended me big time. Her opinion was that not "standing up for myself" was or having enough "self respect" was making me a doormat to be walked on time and time again.

But could it be that not standing up for myself was actually unforgiveness on her part? How much of unforgiveness of others have to do with making sure we have our rights? We need to wonder I think when using our sense of being happy as a guide to whether we are being abused or not. Happiness can depend on circumstances more than Christ for sure. I think in certain instances to make sure our "unhappiness" is maybe not from being a doormat but from a true lack of humility (I have a right to...) or maybe unforgiveness in our own lives.

Its a real difficult thing to balance for us in different situations ... how do we do it? I guess that ultimately we are to pray for wisdom when we are faced with times we are treated like garbage. There are times that indignation may be the appropriate action to take as well! "Be angry and sin not." A tough one indeed for me at times. Prayer and submission to His leading. The submission word is a tough one as well!!

Have a blessed day!

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