Friday, July 10, 2009

Confusing being religious with discipline?

Some thoughts on a early Friday morning ....

There are a few things in Christianity which a lot of the time I don't really seem to enjoy at times frankly, and its simply the religious process of doing them that keeps me going. There are times I will really feel in the mood to read my bible, I get this massive thirst for knowledge and closeness to God. But to be honest these moments are not close to all the time and if I left my bible reading to just these moments, my bible knowledge would be very poor.

The same with prayer. I think its a struggle and its only the daily thought process of 1. Wake up - 2. Pray, that keeps my prayer life going.

Church is the same. I just don't always wake up wanting to go to church. Once I'm there I love it, and really consider it a blessing to be able to worship with other Christians. But its only the religious thinking in my head that thinks 'Sunday'='Church.' Then I'm out of bed and on my way. If I left church to days when I felt like going I'd be a very poor church goer.

So the question I'm asking is, why is being religious considered bad by so many Christians? Confusing being religious with discipline?

It keeps me going, and keeps me on track with God. Doing something spiritual religiously in my opinion, is no worse than going to work each day because you know you have to keep your life going. My daily, religious feeding of Him is what sustains my life. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I don't - but I'm called to be disciplined in my Christian life.

Maybe I'm just confusing being religious with discipline...

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