Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever Have One Of Those days?

You know, the ones where…

The driver in front of you feels a steady 16-17 miles per hour will get them where they want to in plenty of time for the New Year’s celebration?

The people standing in line in front of you aren’t really sure why they are in line, but imagine they’ll figure it out, once they get to the front.

In the drive-through behind someone who just ordered lunch for their 32 co-workers, then has to change 9 of them at the second window?

Ah …. Today is a new day ….

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KingsKid777 said...

Those days are not much fun. Whenever I start to get one of those days, I thank God for a wonderful day and decide to change my mood. If that doesn't work I talk to Jesus or say a prayer. It is very unlikely that neither of those things work... Remember God loves you!