Monday, October 26, 2009

Journey To Freedom

A poem to share ... Have a blessed day everyone!

Journey To Freedom

Rejection, hurt, and pain
They've left such a stain
You suddenly feel like you'll never love again
You gave it your all
You tried to stand tall
But then there it was, the inevitable fall
Your heart is so torn; your mind is so worn
From the thoughts of despair that are continuously born
So many feelings of doubt you just have to shout,
“Where are you, my Lord? Please, bring me out!”
My child I am here I told you never to fear
‘Cause I'll dry every tear
As for your hurt and your pain, your rejection stain
The feelings you have that you'll never love again
Reveal them to Me, the One who died on Calvary
Caused the blind man to see
Cured an advanced case of leprosy
See, “when you cast all your cares upon Me”
That alone will set you free
Those feelings of hurt and pain
Are turned into victories gained
And now you're ready to walk in the light
Although it’s still midnight
But remember, “these light afflictions are but for a moment”
It’s an opportunity for your atonement
‘Cause I already own it, your problem that is
Now your deliverance has come
Your victory’s been won
Your head is up high; your tears are all dry
Your pains and your stains can now be proclaimed
As broken bondage chains!
For I reign as the Lord God
“Thy staff and thy rod”; “Who preparest a table”
For I alone am able
To do the divine for those whom I call mine!
When I called you out of darkness
I told you, “I got this!”
So go and be free
Tell the world about me
Tell of how I brought you out and gave you a victorious shout
Now that’s somethin’ to talk about!

Nakia Hill

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KingsKid777 said...

Since Jesus conquered death and sin, and I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, I know I have been set free from sin. I am dead to sin! Thank You Jesus!!! Glory to God!!