Saturday, February 14, 2009

love wounded and bound

A medieval poem I came across translated from old english...

In the valley of this restless mind I sought in mountain and in meadow

Trusting a true love to find

Upon a hill I took heed

A huge sadness complying then

"See, dear Soul, how My Heart bleeds?

Quia amore langueo!"

(Because I am sick for love!)

Upon this hill I found a Tree

Under a Tree a Man sitting

From Head to Foot wounded was He.

His Hearts blood I saw bleeding

He was handsome enough to be a King

A gracious Face to look upon.

I asked Him why He had pining

He said, "Quia amore langueo!"

"I am True Love Who fails never

My sister, Mannis (Man's) Soul, I loved her thus

Because I in no way part company

I left My Kingdom glorious

She flees; I follow, I sought her so

I suffered this pain piteous

Quia amore langueo

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