Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Cute Animal Are You?

Here is one of those quizzes a daughter can send to her dad and get away with it. lol So I'll man up and take the thing ... What cute animal are you?

Click here: Cute Animal Quiz! What Cute Animal Are You?

My result:

You Are A: Monkey!

Monkeys are intelligent and agile, well-adapted for jungle life as they swing happily from tree to tree. As a monkey, you are a social animal who is quick to learn new things and loves to climb. A monkey's tiny primate features are irresistable, as is his gregarious personality!You were almost a: Parakeet or a Bear CubYou are least like a: Duckling or a Chipmunk

Oh great ... I'm a monkey! At least I'm not a chipmunk .... lol

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