Friday, February 13, 2009

unconditional agape

Its come up in the past about the concept of unconditional love, and its something I keep coming back to. Agape is a really amazing thing to really think about. Can we REALLY say that we can love another (mates, children, friends ect.) without wanting something back in return?

Another thing touched on was the subject of forgiveness in relation to unconditional love. Although often we may have to deal with the consequences of stepping away from God, He still forgives us and loves us agape style. And really, when it gets down to it, how often can we say that we do not hold a grudge and forgive others wholly?

So what comes to mind is what really is unconditional? Of course it means without condition. Like Gods forgiveness of us there are no conditions to be in a place to accept it, but the depths of it requires us to come out of every "unclean thing" (for lack of words) to experience it in greater and greater measure. This is not putting conditions on it, rather its a call to come!

An example from somewhere in the past... If I told you to get to the airport and fly to me because I got 10 million dollars to lay on you. What would be the point of taking baggage with you? You could if you want to, but you surely wouldn't need to. You can have whatever you need right? If you did you would not enjoy what is on offer so much if you are taking heavy baggage around. Sooner or later it will hinder your enjoyment of what has been given to you.

Or - Try going through a narrow staircase holding 4 suitcases, no conditions are laid down for you to get through but a little wisdom will enable you to do it! Some wandering thoughts from a wandering mind...


Andy C said...

Agape love. Can we ever achieve it? Or does it require the infinite grace of a merciful God to render a love unconditional to a wretched bunch of folks (that would be all of us).

Thundercatt99 said...

I believe the latter!

Matt. said...

Day in and day out we go about our lives loving someone or something. Most often that love is based in part on some form of condition. As it stands it’s not our fault, but rather a byproduct of the sinful nature that mankind is victim of. Being a basic flaw in the character of man; it is also one of the reasons why we all fall short of God’s glory. The difference between selfless and selfishness is directly related to loving in the agape form. God is the only being that can render unconditional love in all cases, and He is fully aware of that factor. On the other hand, having introduced man to His ever constant and unchanging style of love; God’s has set the standard for our model. Where we are not perfect and can never be in our own power; we can choose to be willing to make an effort. This is the essence of repentance and the trait that is looked for; when God searches our heart.