Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sometimes a person can get some of the most beautiful things from the most off the wall places and here is one of them by Roxy Music!


Try on your love

Like a new dress

The fit and the cut

Your friends to impress

Try on your smile -

Square on your face

Showing affection

Should be no disgrace

Try out your god

Hope he will send

Kindness from strangers

On whom you depend

Try on his coat

A mantle most fine

Myriad colours

His harmony-thine

Believe in me

Once seemed a good line

Now belief in Jesus

Is faith more sublime

Head in the clouds

But I can´t see the lord

Short of perfection

I´ll try to be good

I´ll stand at his gate

I´ll wait for his sign

Then i´ll walk in his garden

When it´s my time

Drink from his cup

Hush now don´t you cry

His quiet waters

Will never, never run dry

Nearing death´s vale

He´s here by my side

He leads me to paradise

A mountain so high
Don´t be afraid

Just treasure his word

Singing his praises

I know that i´ll be heard

He´s gonna take you by the hand

He´s gonna make you feel so good

Open up your eyes

And then you´ll see all that you should

Forget all your troubles

You will feel no pain

He´s all that you need

He´s your everything

When i´m feeling all at sea

Deliverance is that distant shore

I will not be worried

Someday his house will be my home

For ever more,

For ever more …

I just love this song!

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