Thursday, March 19, 2009

A 17th Century Fenelon

Heres a quote from the 17th century which interesting, accurate and cool:

"Those who correct others should watch for the Holy Spirit to get ahold of them and touch a persons heart. Learn to imitate Him who reproves gently. People do need to see God condemning them, they must realize within themselves that they have done something wrong.

Do not be heavy-handed lest people see God as a judgmental ogre. When you become outraged over a person's fault, it is generally not righteous indignation but your own impatient personality expressing itself. Here is the imperfect pointing a finger at the imperfect.

The more you selfishly love yourself, the more critical you will be. Self-love cannot forgive the self-love it discovers in others. Nothing is so offensive to a haughty, conceited heart as the sight of another one."

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Soe said...

Beautifully Captured Photo! I love it.