Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the heat of the desert ...

Here's an interesting test for you all to take ... if one is so inclined of course!

The Desert Test

"In the deadly heat of the desert you will need to make sacrifices to stay alive. How you react may give you some insight into your personality and priorities. Have fun!"

My results are below.Tim

Congratulations! The two of you made it out of the desert!

Based on Japanese Archetypes the desert represents a hardship. Each of the animals represents an aspect of your life. The order in which you sacrifice the animals might be said to represent the importance of these things to you. The one that you sacrificed first is the least important, and the one that you kept is the most important.

1 You sacrificed the Sheep. The Sheep represents friendship.

2 You sacrificed the Lion. The Lion represents pride.

3 You sacrificed the Monkey. The Monkey represents your children.

4 You sacrificed the Cow. The Cow represents basic needs.

5 You kept the Horse. The Horse represents your passion.

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