Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Sexting To Blame?

This story is incredibly sad. Teenagers can be so cruel to one another. I wonder how her ex-boyfriend feels now. How are all of the girls that called her vulgar names feeling at this moment ...

Teen Commits Suicide ~ Is 'Sexting' To Blame?

We're saddened by a story about a teen who hanged herself in her bedroom after an ex-boyfriend disseminated a nude cell-phone photo of her around their Ohio community. Jessica Logan, 18, was harassed daily by other girls calling her "slut" and "whore" and throwing objects at her.

Making It Through

She finished high school last year and went on national television with her face and voice distorted to warn other girls about the potential consequences of taking naked photos of themselves, a mistake Vanessa Hudgens later made.

But two months later, after attending a funeral for another teen who had committed suicide, Jessica went home and took her own life.

A Common Mistake

An oft-cited survey says that 39 percent of teens have sent similar photos of themselves ... and 15 percent of high-school boys say they disseminate the pics after a breakup.The "Today" show had an "Internet security expert" on hand to warn of the dangers of "sexting" and urge parents to check their kids' cell phones. But isn't the real problem old-fashioned high-school cruelty?

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The thing that leaped out at me was that 39% of the teens have sent similar or nude photos of themselves! Wow!!! The problem isn't having cell phones, the problem is that somewhere along the way girls think that they have to use sex and their sexuality to keep a boy's interest. Somewhere along the way, girls are thinking their only marketable commodity is their bodies. It doesn't matter if your kids have cell phones or not, they will find a way to do other things that could ruin their lives. This is the problem with society, always looking for something to blame rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

Life is a mixed bag -- you always have the bad stuff and the good stuff. I could go on, at length, about all the stupid stuff I did when I was a teenager. Or I could go on about the good stuff. With the bad stuff, hopefully, it fades away. It becomes like fragments. Little pieces of stories that don't always agree with each other. The good stuff we keep. The thing is that I think we need forgetfulness in order to function. "Forgive and forget." We all need grace for our "pasts." Even the Bible says that when God forgives us, He “remembers our sins no more" ( Jeremiah 31:34).

But we're running out of forgetfulness. Here's the thing: in the process of recording everything, we're making our lives more static than they've ever been before. I'm not that kid of 18 who was apathetic and hated school anymore. The teenagers taking pictures of themselves performing sex acts are going to have to live with those pictures their entire lives. There's no more forgetting.

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