Friday, March 13, 2009

Road trip to Canby, California

Spring fever has hit with a vengence! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I just had to go out on a mini road trip!

First stop was Lower Klamath Lake in the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge. Klamath and Tule Lake is known for all sorts of migrating birds. The area provides overwintering grounds for scores of bald eagles, and others. The picture above as taken from Stateline Road which goes through the refuge.

After spending some time in the refuges I headed over to the Lava Beds National Monument. Thats how these road trips go, I just keep tacking on to it until the day is done! Anyway ... I forgot about the wildfire that was there a year or two ago, so I was surprised about how black it was in its Northern parts! The Lava Beds is a stark landscape ( And I like these landscape, seemy link below for pictures of my trip to the Oregon Outback a few weeks ago.) Anyways the fire really turned the place into a surreal landscape! Here is a picture of "Captain Jacks Stronghold" with Mt. Shasta in the backgound.

Here is a picture of the Canby Hotel. Mind you, I wasn't really aiming for Canby but out in the middle of nowhere I suddenly heard this thump, thump, thump and lo and behold I had a flat tire. I only had this "temporary tire" and Canby was the nearest town and I was hoping to get a new tire there. But alas, no tire shops here and I had to limp along to the thriving metropolis of Alturas (Actually a favorite place to visit of mine) to find a tire shop. Canby turned out to be a friendly place and I got a bite to eat before heading out. I will have to stay at this Hotel some time!

On my way home I took this picture of an old barn outside of Canby. I kind of have a thing for old barns as my wife will tell you, so I couldn't pass this one up! All in all this was a great little tripeven with the unexpected ... Maybe BECAUSE of the unexpected! Life is like that sometimes isn't it?lol

And ... How was your day?

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