Saturday, March 14, 2009

In the year 2012

Have any of you heard of this? I received this in an e-mail …

Jack Van Impe on a TV show said this about the Mayan and Aztec calendars ending December 25, 2012.

1. First, he says he is not date setting.

2. He talks about what how long a generation is.

-From Abraham to Christ is 42 generations = 2,160 years

-Divide 2,160 by 42 = 51.4 years

-Jerusalem won the war in 1967 in June so add .5 for the 6 months left in the year. So, 51.4 + .5 = 51.9 years or approx. 52 years in 1 generation.

-He said from Adam to Christ is 77 generations or 4,000 years. Divide 4,000 by 77 to get 51.9 or approx. 52 years in 1 generation.

3. Next he took 1967 and added 52 to get the year 2019.

4. He subtracted 7 year tribulation from 2019 to get 2012 (where the Mayan and Aztec calendars end on December 25, 2012)

5. He said he has 2 theories…he does not believe in the first one but in the second theory…

a. He said the rapture could happen on December 25th this year and have the 7-year tribulation bring it up to December 25, 2012.

b. This is what he believes even though he is not date setting: We would be raptured December 25, 2012. The 7 year tribulation would bring us up to the year 2019 when the Lord returns.
He feels that when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 something of immense importance will happen…either the Lord returns or we are raptured.

Hmmmmm … Next thing you know they’re gonna be quoting Nostradamus …

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Wickle said...

He's not date-setting?

I think he might define the word "not" differently than I do.

Wouldn't it be funny to travel back in time and find out that the Mayans didn't make their calendar go any farther just because they were lazy and figured no one would notice?

Or maybe because they figured that by then someone would be able to take it forward?

Off-topic, I guess, but I've always had a little laugh at that idea.