Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Master Weaver

Something I came across:

"There is a Jewish belief that there is no such thing as coincidences. If you take the Hebrew word for 'coincidence' & spell it backwards, you get "God has woven." What may appear to us as coincidences are all part of God's plan.

If you look at a beautifully woven rug or needlepoint from underneath, all you'll see is a disjointed crisscrossed tangle without any pattern or harmony. God is the Master Weaver, but all too often we, with our limited human perspective, manage to see only the crisscrossed tangle. We should never lack the faith that there is a pattern and that a/the Master Weaver is watching over it."

Pretty cool stuff huh! Just wanted to share it with you all.


Dustin said...

I like the part about the Hebrew word for coincidence... very interesting.

JOV said...

Very interesting take on the word. I would have never of thought of it like that. It is true, God is in control of everything even though at times we think our world is falling apart. There is a reason for everything...