Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh 2 B Narrowminded

Egad...someone has accused me of being narrow minded ... again.

Having been accused elsewhere of being narrow-minded, I would just like to briefly defend myself.

If we accept every single idea and theory to pass us by as being right or equal, we are not free at all are we? We are in fact slaves to whatever idea the current climate happens to throw at us, without any real thought of your own. We are then being the tail and not the head. (Deu. 28:13 something I tried hard to get through to my kids.) It is only when we know truth that we are really free. We can only truly be open-minded when the truth is established. In that case, we can evaluate every idea and belief for what it is. Testing it as it were. Of course then it becomes like Christ was asked on trial: "What IS truth?"

Is it not the mark of an intelligent person to be able to consider and evaluate an idea without accepting it?

Just some thoughts ...


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