Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mr Bland

At Church ....

I've never experience jelly legs, or uncontrolled laughter.
I've never experienced trembling.
I've never experienced the feeling of wanting to be "slain in the spirit."
I've never had the experience of yelling out in an unknown tongue in the middle of service.
In fact more than just not experiencing these things - I've never even desired them either! I don't feel inadequate and definitely don't feel I'm missing out. At the present time I feel close to God and I feel like I'm growing as a Christian and not backsliding. That's not me bragging, I do genuinely feel like that. (2 steps forward, trip on a rock, another step forward ...)

So firstly, what makes me different (and the millions of others who feel the same) from those who do these things? And secondly, if they are gifts from God to make Christian's feel closer to Him, why do I feel close without them?

This post is NOT to blast away at those of us who experience these things for sure. I know many brothers and sisters who experience these things. God uses different means and speaks to us in different ways. There are many streams in our faith. But I do wonder why I seem to get the not so showy BORING gifts? Maybe because they will send me into being hyper showy? LOLLOL I don't know....


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