Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"A Piece of Truth"

Satan, in one of his many wanderings to and fro in the earth, went for a walk with one of his millions of demons.

They saw a man ahead of them stoop down and pick up something from the ground.."What did that man find?" asked the demon.

"A Piece of truth," said Satan."Doesn't that disturb you?" asked the demon.

"No," said Satan, "I shall help him make a belief out of it. Before long, out of the vanity of his own discovery, he will end up worshiping his belief. Then he will become blind to all other truth!" And then he laughed.

~Author Unknown

An interesting story ... It's not about the personality; it's about the person. It's not about corner on the truth but about the One who is the truth. John Wesley said something like, Do you call upon Christ as Savior? Then I extend to you the right hand of fellowship. I've always liked that notion. At the end of the day, me being "right" will not put me in right-standing with the Lord.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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